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Pizza is perhaps my favorite food of all-time. Thanks to the Ninja turtles, for 32 years, I cannot imagine my life without pizza in it. In the 1980s popular pizza chain Dominos created a character by the name “The Noid”. A red spandex clad mischievous character whose sole purpose in life was to prevent pizza from being delivered in 30 minutes or less.

Yes, there was an actual Yo Noid video game, featuring the Noid himself. Developed by Capcom, Capitalizing on The Noid’s success, Capcom altered an existing Japanese game for the Nintendo Entertainment System called Pardon my Japanese here… Kamen no Ninja Hanamaru. Which actually doesn’t look too bad of a game. I mean he looks a lot cooler than the noid, and he has a fucking falcon. The stages are actually completely different and I think overall the game looks a bit better than Yo! Noid.

Yo! Noid, was surprisingly detailed and difficult—probably because it was originally intended to be an entirely different game and the pizza content was tacked on. In Yo! Noid, the Noid is actually the hero of the story, using his magic yo-yo to battle his way through New York City, eventually confronting Mr. Green.

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