The Game Chasers

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With Jay nowhere to be found, Billy and Melvor need to recruit an old face […]

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The guys find themselves at the Toy & Action Figure Museum as well as stopping […]

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Now seemed like the perfect time to tell this story. She didnt seem like the […]

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While hitting up a secret spot for games, Chris finds a treasure trove of his […]

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It’s bad…..really bad. Can we make it through?

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The guys go back to Classic Game junkie near Philadelphia. Hilarity ensues in the basement […]

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Billy interviews Jirard The Completionist about his channel….and how he came across the Game Chasers […]

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The guys go to the border of Texas and Mexico to scope out some new […]

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Billy and Jay once again hit up an arcade auction to try to score some […]

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I go over what I think of it and a theory I have had that […]

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The Game Chasers try to see how long the can endure one of the worst […]

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The guys try to wake up Dodongo for a day of flea marketing but get […]

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In this new series Dodongo answers YOUR questions! Totally not stolen from Ask Frank……. You […]

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We compare and contrast the new TMNT movie with the 1990 version.