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Ahhh, 2.5D games. When you want to have that lucious 2D gameplay but you also […]

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Some games just seem like they belong in the past console generation, or the developers […]

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This is one of the more interesting episodes from season 3, especially visually. I wish […]

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More Japan-only goodness… unless you imported. 🙂

8 months ago 2 Comments

Sometimes you wait longer than you intend before you finally play the game that’s new… […]

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we talk about the games that accompanied various console launches. What was your favorite console […]

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Another great arcade game this time by Data East. This is our friend’s board and […]

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This is one of the worst episodes of The Transformers cartoon series and of course […]

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Some more games that do some cool things considering the platforms they’re running on!

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We talk about over 50 games for the SNES in this episode. What do you […]

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Playing with Sacks continues with Demon Front, a Chinese Metal Slug derivative for the arcade […]

10 months ago 1 Comment

Sometimes publishers like to “reboot” franchises and give them a fresh coat of paint, starting […]

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This was the final episode set in the present. Well… the present being 1986. All […]

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We both LOVE videogame music… when it’s good. In this episode we pick a few […]

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Joe and Dave finally play a console game again! But don’t worry, next time we’ll […]