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The first of my videos to by Featured on youtube, Super Mario 2 for the […]

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Eric just wanted to see if he could make Joe smile so he came up […]

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We send videos back and forth to each other in our group chat all the […]

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Right click to download the MP3 – 51MB – 58:41 In this chat we talk […]

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In Episode 10 of the Lords of Thunder Podcast Happy Console Gamer and AlphaOmegaSin talk […]

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Download MP3 RIGHT CLICK HERE and SAVE LINK AS… – 58.3 MB Topics include (but […]

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Last week the website Final Bosses posted a tweet asking similar websites Normal Boots and […]

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Collection #3 of some of the stupid crap we send back and forth in our […]

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Click to download MP3 file —> Final Bosses Skype Chat 2 <—54.4 MB Joe from […]

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Over the past year of getting this site ready to go, we’d all usually gather […]

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This is the second collection of videos that were posted to the private Final Bosses […]

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Creep into the world of the Final Bosses who maintain their own private Facebook chat […]

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Some quick, random stuff with all of the Final Bosses while they were in Philly […]