Science Girls is an indie PC RPG and Visual Novel from Spiky Caterpillar and Hanako Games. Released on Steam in 2014, this game was originally released in 2009. Does this 5 year old game stand out or is it crap?

About the Game:
Schoolgirls fight aliens with the power of science!

When an alien invasion targets a private school after hours, only the members of the Science Club stand ready to defend their homeworld from the leafy menace. Gather up your team of specialists and face off against monsters in classic console turn-based combat. Your journey will take you through time, space, and paradox to alien worlds and beyond.

– Blowing things up with physics and chemistry
– Choice of skills to raise, to customise characters as you prefer
– Three difficulty levels for those who hate stress or enjoy a challenge
– Swap active combat characters at any time
– All characters in party gain experience
– Light-hearted storyline (with a few geeky jokes)

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