Last week the website Final Bosses posted a tweet asking similar websites Normal Boots and Hidden Block how much it sucks not to be as awesome as the Final Bosses website. Linked in the tweet is the official Twitter accounts for both sites, but as of yet neither has responded. The last tweet by Normal Boots was in January of this year which is over 9 months ago. Hidden Block’s Twitter account is much more active with their most recent tweet being a scant 2 months ago.

Both Normal Boots and Hidden Block are massively popular sites despite their overall mediocrity. They both consist mainly of reposts of the member’s Youtube videos. At only 2 months old, Final Bosses focuses more on exclusive content and secondly on reposting Youtube stuff. As of this article, Final Bosses has 53 videos, articles and podcasts that are exclusive to the site. Normal Boots, which is nearly 5 years old and relaunched in 2014 has a whopping 5 exclusive posts. That’s not even 1 per member. Hidden Block, launched in 2013 is doing a little better with 6 exclusive posts.

So not only is Final Bosses a far better website, their members are better human beings as well. For example believe it or not 8-Bit Eric is actually hairier than Jirard the Completionist. Hairier means better. Also, the members of Final Bosses are aggressive and not content to let their site decompose like the unambitious members of Hidden Block and Normal Boots are. Better site. Not mediocre. More body hair. Final Bosses.