8-Bit Eric reviews Felix the Cat for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). This is a pretty underrated and amazing NES platforming game that is definitely worth a look!

In a library full of classics such as Super Mario bros series, the Mega Man series, Duck Tales and countless others, Felix the Cat has been a truly under appreciated gem of an NES platformer for several years.

Published and developed in 1992 by Hudson Soft, maker of other heavy hitters such as Bonk and Adventure Island, Felix the Cat is based off the classic cartoon franchise of the same name that gained it’s prominence in the silent film era and has since gone on to be one of the most recognizable cartoon characters of all-time.

Felix boomed in theatrical shorts from 1919 to 1936, had a cartoon revival in the late 50s and early 60s, a feature length animation in 1988, and a handful of other TV series through out the mid 90s and early 2000s.

The player controls Felix the Cat as he embarks on a quest to defeat the evil mad Professor who has kidnapped… or cat napped I should say, his beloved girlfriend… err catfriend? Kitty.
Between levels you get a variety of cutscenes where the professor calls you, demanding he recieves the magic bag in exchange for Kitty.

The first level is a pretty good introductory of the mechanics of this game, which are as standard as another platformer, the A button is used to Jump, and the B Button is used to attack. Felix controls pretty solid, compared to most titles in the NES library, I would rank it a bit above average.

All of the enemies of this game just look adorable… why is Felix harming these innocent creatures?
We have the standard Felix, who uses a punching glove type of attack, a karaoke Felix that sings out a circle of starts that harm enemies, a Felix who rides a plane/car/thingamabobber that shoots out a projectile, and we have a Tank Felix, who shoots a weapon that comes out in an arc… unfortunately, this attack suffers from the same shit that plagued over NES classics through the years such as Friday the 13th, Castlevania and Ghost N’ Goblins, it arcs over enemies. I swear they did this shit on purpose.

Each form has a special magic meter, that when depleted reverts Felix back to his normal form, so you gotta keep an eye on this and make sure to refill it by using these special pickups that pop out. If Felix takes a hit he reverts to the previous form, and if you take a hit while in normal Felix mode, you die.

Felix also dies by the standard platformer faire of falling in bottomless pits, or running out of time.
One downside is unlike in Super Mario bros, where the music goes faster to alert you, there is no indication of time running out, unless you are paying attention.

Luckily, you are able to obtain an abundance of extra lives due to a little trick where one of the clouds in each stage of the professors heads hides a secret 1up for you to obtain.

Let me point out right now, that the graphics of this game especially in the first level are colorful, vibrant and just some of the best the NES has to offer
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