You didn’t think Dave was gonna let Joe have all of the VLOGing fun did you? Well here he is with his very first VLOG ever as he briefly visits Buy~Back Games in Wheat Ridge Colorado. This is one of the very few free-standing videogame stores that we know of. It’s not physically attached to any other stores, a strip mall or anything like that. This is Buy~Back Games’ main location and located about a mile away from where their original store used to be (they purchased an old Color Tile building and moved here in the early 90’s and have been here ever since). Buy~Back Games has been in business since 1988.

Dave’s VLOG will continue and as always they’ll get better as we get used to doing such things. Watch out because we may even make VLOGs about stuff that may not even have games in it. We’ll see. Stay tuned!