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Well, all of them except for stuff on the 3DO and CD-i and stuff.

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More games are forced to battle it out and there can be only one winner […]

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People love to argue about games and here are some that often cause said arguments.

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More ports that’ll rattle the piss outta ya! Got any bad ports you’d like to […]

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Some companies come up with some pretty crazy names for their games. What are some […]

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More cool digital-only games that were finally released on hard copy like they should have […]

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In this fierce battle there can only be one winner. Which do you think deserves […]

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Did these games kill off their franchise?

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This is a high-end NES console that plays NES and Famicom games. WE put it […]

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Zelda Breath Of The Wild On Nintendo Switch my review thoughts and impressions!

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With Jay nowhere to be found, Billy and Melvor need to recruit an old face […]

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Is the Nintendo Switch a system worth your time? Check out our full console review […]

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8-Bit Eric reviews Maniac Mansion for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Maniac Mansion is a hidden […]

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Meet the custom universal gaming controller that can work on anything, and I helped build […]

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Horizon Zero Dawn Review/Preview my First thoughts on the action role-playing video game developed by […]