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We put some quarters into a Double Dragon arcade machine and play all the ay […]

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This is one of the more interesting episodes from season 3, especially visually. I wish […]

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This is one of the worst episodes of The Transformers cartoon series and of course […]

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The Chodecast has returned for their 7th episode. We missed you.

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In honor of the new Ghostbuster movie hitting theaters, here are my Top 5 scenes […]

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Playing with Sacks continues with Demon Front, a Chinese Metal Slug derivative for the arcade […]

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This was the final episode set in the present. Well… the present being 1986. All […]

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Today the Chodes talk about GTA V: Potential DLC Leak for Liberty City, Bill Goldberg, […]

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Joe and Dave finally play a console game again! But don’t worry, next time we’ll […]

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Here is the full version of episode 5! Today’s episode of the ChodeCast covers the […]

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Today’s episode of the ChodeCast covers the latest Nintendo NX news, Zelda Wii U news, […]

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Dave tours the mighty Game Force in Boulder, Colorado. See what the store has to […]

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ChodeCast iTunes ► http://apple.co/1T09gz0 Download the Full Audio Podcast ► http://bit.ly/1WWkCXG Audio Version: http://finalbosses.com/chode-cast-episode-4/ Subscribe to […]

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On this episode of the ChodeCast: Star Wars! Batman! More Zelda Wii U Rumors! Indiana […]