This is my review of Bart Vs. The Space Mutants on the Nintendo Entertainment System. This game is easily one of the biggest culprits when it comes to cashing in on a franchise for a video game.I remember renting this game quite often as a kid, luckily it would often be the free video game rentals I would earn from school for having great grades because if I wasted any money on this shit, I would have hung myself. Crude jokes aside, the potential was there. Who would not want to play as Bart Simpson in an NES Game? This was 1991, at the beginning of the 2nd season of Simpsons and Bart Simpson was everywhere. Clothing, toys, lunch boxes,

Is it cliché of me to say that this is a bad game? Well, let’s check it out for ourselves The premise of Bart vs Space Mutants is simple, aliens are invading and you must complete a goal in each level to stop their dastardly plans… these range from removing or hiding all purple objects, grabbing all hats… what kind of pussy ass alien invasion is this? You start off in the streets of Springfield. Almost immediately, I can tell the controls are going to be a problem.
The B Button is used to spray the A button is to jump. But guess how you run? In a game like Super Mario bros. Holding down B would make Mario run. In bart vs space mutants.. you have to hold THE JUMP BUTTON down in order to run…

Imagine trying to control this bullshit. Jumping over obstacles, enemies, basic control of this game fucks all potential of it away.
Oh and get this, you can hold down both buttons to do a “super jump”, but good luck landing on anything.

Anyways back to the first level, as I mentioned the goal is to either remove, cover, or repaint all purple objects throughout this level. Out of all the things they can think of they chose this?
The enemies of this stage are these weird little alien octopus things, that just hop up and down in place, or just get in your way. There is no way to kill these things, and you can only take two hits of damage before you lose your life. The gameplay is simple, you see a purple object, you have to either spray paint it, or try to figure out a way to cover it or get rid of it.There are several neat ways to do so, such as using the payphone to prank Moe just like in the tv show.. Wait a minute, that ain’t fucking Moe…

There are also shops in Springfield where you have to buy items like wrenches, keys, cherry bombs and rockets. Keep in mind before the days of the internet, you had to figure this shit out on your own or use Nintendo Power to know exactly how much of what item you need to buy, and how to use it.Some of these are pretty easy to figure out, like the wrench for example, but other things are a bit cryptic such as the rockets. You have to use these to shoot windows in the stage, and scare the bird off Jebidiah Springfield’s statue, but how are you supposed to know how many to get in the first place?

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